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Flexco Industries


Our hands-on industry experience gives us deep insight into your productivity demands. Whatever your industry and application, our team has the expertise to help solve your most unique challenges.


No matter the industry, or the materials you move, Flexco can help you select the right mix of products to optimize your system’s performance.
If you have a special application or challenge, let us work with you to find a solution. Use the pop-out to the right to Connect with Flexco and let us know how we can help.

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In an industry where durability and productivity are of utmost importance, Flexco offers rugged, efficient product solutions that stand the test of time.

Agriculture-Hay Baling

Flexco offers a wide variety of agricultural belt conveyor solutions to keep equipment up and running during harvesting without interruption.


In an industry where moving people is top of mind, Flexco works behind the scenes to ensure baggage conveyors keep moving along with them.


Flexco helps keep belt conveyors running at peak performance in the Cement Industry where dust control is paramount and uptime is critical to productivity.

Coal-Fired Power Plants

Flexco provides products that maximize belt conveyor productivity and help coal-fired power plants provide energy and stay online all the time.

Food Processing

In an industry where sanitation is critical, Flexco offers a variety of products with FDA-compliant materials that are specifically designed for easy installation and maintenance.


Flexco offers an array of products that reduce dust and spillage and help minimize explosion risks during grain processing.

Industrial Baking

In an industry where sanitation, uptime, and food safety are critical, Flexco offers a comprehensive line of belt conveyor products that meet challenges head on and keep industrial bakeries running at peak performance.

Open Pit-Hard Rock Mining

When you are conveying the toughest, most abrasive materials in the world, you can count on Flexco product solutions to keep the belts running at maximum productivity.

Parcel Handling

In an industry where downtime can cost as much as $2,500 per minute, Flexco helps Parcel Handlers move packages quickly and safely from sortation to delivery.


In an industry where quality control is a top priority, Flexco offers products to help keep conveyor lines sanitary and free of cross-contamination.

Ports and Terminals

When you’re transporting a variety of materials through a complex system of conveyors, you need a partner with products as versatile as you – that’s Flexco.


Improved food safety, reduced product waste, and improved maintenance are all possible with Flexco product solutions for your belt conveyor systems.


Flexco knows your facilities can’t afford long conveyor shutdowns, so we manufacture smart, cost-effective product solutions to keep your belts up and running.

Road Construction Equipment

When your productivity can literally change with the weather, Flexco is on hand with products that decrease downtime and get you back to work.

Sand and Gravel

When you need economical product solutions to keep your operation up and running at peak productivity, Flexco is there.


Whether you’re conveying on filter media, moving laundry through a folder, finishing corrugated box board, or working with any other unique or special materials, Flexco products will help you get it done quickly and efficiently.

Underground Mining

Flexco knows that downtime is unacceptable in your operation, so we designed our mining solutions with easy maintenance in mind.

Warehousing and Distribution

Whether you are moving stock from place to place or labeling and shipping packages out the door, Flexco can help keep the belts that drive your live-roller conveyors running.

Wood/Pulp and Paper

From wood chips, to particle board, to pulp and paper, Flexco has products that suit the needs of the wood industry every step of the way.