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Industrial Baking

industrial baking

In an industry where sanitation, uptime, and food safety are critical, Flexco offers a comprehensive line of belt conveyor products that meet challenges head on and keep industrial bakeries running at peak performance.

Flexco Understands Industrial Baking 

Flexco understands that unscheduled downtime can cost a bakery more than $50,000 per hour, so any interruption to production can affect the bottom line. We also understand the importance of sanitary and safety compliance. That’s why Flexco has solutions to help you reduce downtime, eliminate conveyed product carryback, improve worker and food safety, and promote  sanitary conveyor belt splicing.  

With products that keep belt conveyors running smoothly while requiring less maintenance, Flexco helps industrial bakers do more with fewer people to meet production and food safety goals. Flexco understands increased interest in organic goods, demands for allergen-free products, and government sanitization standards affect production — we are here to be your partner in productivity to help maximize efficiency.

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  • Baking Bread Process MapTHE industrial bakinG PROCESS - Bread

    Industrial baking operations have unique needs when it comes to conveyor operations. That’s why Flexco has studied the baking industry, spoken with industry leaders, and incorporated money-saving, efficiency-boosting, sanitation-focused solutions for areas along the beltline.

    Click the map to learn how we can help your bread baking operation.

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  • Baking Bread Process MapThe Industrial Baking Process - Cookies and Crackers

    Industrial baking facilities that produce cookies and crackers have unique challenges that differ from bakeries that strictly produce bread. Flexco understands those challenges and our experts have worked alongside industrial bakers to address those issues by developing the right solutions for your bakery.

    Click the map to learn how we can help your cookie and cracker baking operation.

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  • baking downtime


    In the industrial baking industry, downtime cost per hour could be as high as $50,000.  

  • global baking


    The global bakery products market is expected to reach $457.4 Billion USD by the year 2027. 

  • global baking


    The global market for bread and bakery products is expected to reach 135 million tons by 2025.

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