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Aero® Press Joins Belts in Half the Time for Maintenance Crew at Tobacco Plant

Novitool Aero Ply 130 Separator




Conveying cigarettes


Novitool® Aero® Splice Press
Ply 130 Ply Separator


Save time on belt repairs
Make belt splicing easier and more convenient

Conveyor Detail

Two-ply Polyolefin belts


One of the biggest tobacco manufacturing operations in China was looking for a better way to join the belts on their cigarette production line. When a belt needed to be repaired, they were depending on their belt supplier, who could not get to the site quickly. This resulted in lost production time with each minute the belt was down. The belt was also elevated, so when the crews did make it to the plant, the water-cooled press they used was not easy to transport to the height of the belt splice. Finally, the water source used to fill the tanks of the water-cooled press was too far away from the production line, adding extra time for set-up


Upon hearing that the customer was unhappy with their current situation, the Flexco team offered to demonstrate the Novitool® Aero® Splice Press, as well as the Novitool® Ply 130 Ply Separator for the customer. After seeing the strength of the splice produced by these machines, the portability of the equipment, and the fact that a water source was not needed, the customer ordered an Aero Press and a Ply 130.


The Aero Press completed the joining of the belt in approximately half the time of the conventional press and the portability of both the Aero Press and the Ply 130 were unmatched. The customer enjoyed the easy and efficient performance of the equipment, as well as the convenience of the air-cooled, all-in-one press so much that they ordered another Aero Press and Ply 130. The customer is happy and truly appreciates not only the effectiveness of the equipment, but the service they receive from Flexco and their distributor.

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  • Endless Splicing Systems

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  • Novitool® Aero® Splice Press


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