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Cleaners Reduce Carryback and Save Labor Costs for Major China Port



Iron Ore


Port loading


MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaner and
MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Cleaner


Reduce carryback, extend cleaner life

Conveyor Detail

Belting: 1800 mm
Belt Speed: 5 m/s
Typical Load: 7000 tph


A busy port in China had serious problems with carryback and the lifespan of their cleaner blades. It took 144 man hours per day to clear carryback that had developed under 34 conveyor structures. The port superintendent estimated the cost of clean-up to be almost 370,000 RMB in labor costs per year. Not only were the current cleaners failing to prevent carryback, but the blades themselves were not lasting more than six months.


The port superintendent felt helpless and asked Flexco to install MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaners and MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Cleaners with C-Tips in the two main belt conveyor systems.


The Flexco cleaners immediately made a difference with carryback clean-up. Now, only one worker per day is assigned to clean around the conveyors, reducing clean-up time by 136 hours and reducing the cost of cleaning labor by 347,600 RMB. After almost one year of use, the cleaner blades are still in good working condition and the port has mounted Flexco cleaners on more than 30 additional belt conveyors.

Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

Product Lines

  • MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Cleaner
  • MMP Medium Mine-Duty Precleaner


  • Ports and Terminals