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Cordless Belt Cutter Replaces Utility Knives at Safety-Conscious Power Plant

Cordless Belt Cutter


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Flexco Cordless Belt Cutter


Find a safer, quicker alternative to cutting belts with utility knives

Conveyor Detail

Multiple belting types and widths, under 1" in thickness


A major energy supplier on the East Coast was determined to keep workers safe by creating a safety program and establishing safe practices for employees. Injuries and accidents not only led to lost time productivity, but also increased medical costs. The coal mines had a number of incidents in which people injured themselves while using utility knives in various situations. Belt crews always carried a utility knife for cutting conveyor belt because it is readily available and portable.

However, because of the number of injuries, these mines decided to place strict restrictions on the use of utility knives. The crews also noted that it took two men an average of 90 minutes to two hours to produce a finger splice using a utility knife.


With the help of a local distributor and Flexco territory sales manager, they decided to try the Flexco Cordless Belt Cutter. The cordless belt cutter eliminates the risk of hazard posed by utility knives. The cordless belt cutter can also be operated by one worker in a fraction of the time of using a utility knife. It is also relatively lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to move from belt to belt without a power source or heavy lifting.


The time and manpower savings per splice on a 72" belt was measurable. The cordless belt cutter reduced the average finger splice time to only 20-25 minutes, and only required one worker to complete the cut. Shortly after trying the tool, they issued an immediate purchase order for 12 units. They are so pleased with the Cordless Belt Cutter that they are in the process of reducing utility knife usage throughout the locations and are ordering additional cutters. In the year since the cordless belt cutters were put in place, there have been no accidents related to belt cutting.

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