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Flexco® Everdur® BR6 Fasteners Provide Spark-Free Splices to Grain Processor

Everdur BR6 Solid




Hi Roller® Enclosed Belt Conveyor


Flexco® Everdur BR6 Solid Plate Fasteners


Increase splice life
Minimize explosion risk

Conveyor Detail

2- and 3-ply grain belt


The Hi Roller® Enclosed Conveyor at a grain processor in the Great Plains was problematic because the existing bolt solid plate fasteners were pulling out every three to four months. The lack of a cover on the grain belt was part of the problem, as bolt solid plate fasteners are known to cut through at least one ply of the belt and this was damaging the carcass of the coverless belt. Also, as is the case with most grain applications, the maintenance team was looking for a spark-free solution to minimize the risk of explosion during processing.


After dealing with this for quite a while, the maintenance supervisor turned to Flexco for a solution. Keeping in mind the type of belt and application, the Flexco team specified Flexco® Everdur BR6 Solid Plate Fasteners. The 6-rivet configuration provides a staggered, multiple-point rivet attachment to allow rivets to pass between carcass fibers without severing them for maximum resistance to pull-out. The patented Scalloped Edge™ design of the BR6 also provides for a lower fastener profile to extend belt splice life and reduce exposure to belt cleaner blades and other conveyor components. Spark-free, when compared to steel, Everdur fasteners are made from a tough copper and silicon alloy and are long-wearing for extended service life on the job.


The supervisor was incredibly pleased by the success of the Everdur BR6 Fasteners, since they increased his splice life to a whopping 16 months, which also decreases his downtime. The plant can now run without worrying about premature failure, occasionally checking the fasteners for wear and replacing them as needed.

Product Group

  • Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems

Product Line

  • Flexco® Rivet Solid Plate Fastening System


  • Grain