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Flexco Load Zone Solutions Contain Dust at Cement Plant

Impact Beds Urethane Skirting Enclosed Skirt System




Load Zone


Flexco Impact Beds
Urethane Skirting
Enclosed Skirt System


Control spillage and dust
Minimize maintenance time

Conveyor Detail

1120 ft., 24" 3 ply 300 XL750 Hot Belt


A cement plant located in the Midwest had serious spillage build up at the load zone, which presented several problems. The first was mistracking due to the spillage, which damaged the belt and halted production. Next, the spillage also caused housekeeping issues that were often the focus of MSHA warnings. Finally, the respirable allowable dust levels were exceeded, which forced workers to wear masks for their safety. Their current system was not making maintenance easy, with disassembly of the entire unit a necessity, so they needed a new solution.


After a visit from a Flexco sales rep and a product trailer, the plant manager was so impressed with the unique solutions available that he decided to try out a few. Flexco suggested placing Impact Beds, Urethane Skirting, and an Enclosed Skirt System in the load zone.


The Impact Beds provided a solid surface for dust sealing at the load zone, while the Skirt System focused on containment, with adjustable wear plates that are easily replaceable when the time comes. The Urethane Skirting, used in place of rubber, also provided better wear life. The total system has reduced cleanup and damage to the belt, which pleased the manager so much that three similar projects are scheduled for completion.

Product Group

  • Impact Beds and Skirting Systems

Product Lines

  • Skirting Systems
  • Slider/Impact Beds


  • Cement