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Flexco PTEZ Heavy-Duty Belt Trainer Brings Site’s Productivity Back on Track

PTEZ™ Heavy-Duty Belt Trainer




Stockpile Conveyor 


PTEZ Heavy-Duty Belt Trainer 


Stop belt mistracking
Eliminate structure damage 

Conveyor Details 

55” (1400 mm) belt width running at 3.5 M/sec


A gold mine in western New South Wales was experiencing significant belt mistracking. The belt conveyor system had existing trackers installed, however these did not work effectively and regularly needed replacement. Due to the ineffective and often damaged belt trackers, the belt was getting damaged as it mistracked to both sides, hitting both sides of the structure.


Flexco Heavy Duty Specialists recommended the installation of a Flexco PTEZ Heavy-Duty Belt Trainer on the return side of the belt. The PTEZ uses a unique “pivot and tilt” feature that responds to belt misalignment by immediately compensating for it. With this trainer, the Gold Mine would be able to stop mistracking to both sides of the conveyor effectively. The PTEZ works universally with both vulcanized and mechanically-fastened belts in wet and dry conditions, eliminating the risk of an incompatible fit. A simple bracket allows the site to further minimise downtime for installation and adjustment, making it the perfect fit for the application.


Since installing the PTEZ Heavy-Duty Belt Trainer, the site has had great success, with mistracking being virtually eliminated. The site also saw an increase in productivity, due to a decrease in unscheduled downtime that was previously needed due to the severe belt mistracking. The site has since ordered another 20 PTEZ units to be installed across the site due to its reliability and performance.

Product Group

  • Belt Positioners, Trackers, and Trainers

Product Line

  • PTEZ™ Belt Trainer


  • Open Pit/Hard Rock Mining