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Flexco PTEZ Belt Trainer Sets Belts Straight at Power Plant

PTEZ Belt Trainer


Coal-fired power plant


Load zone


PTEZ Belt Trainer


Fix a mistracking incline conveyor belt

Conveyor Detail

3-ply, 600 with 1/4 x 1/8 covers, moving at 580 fpm


The maintenance team at an East Coast utilities commission noticed that a belt was mistracking around the tail pulley, which caused off-center loading and material spillage. They wanted to train the belt on the return side so that it travels around the tail pulley and in to the load zone in a centered manner, which would decrease spillage.


The belt trainer they were using simply wasn’t getting the job done. After speaking with their local distributor about the problem, they were offered a chance to try the PTEZ Belt Trainer from Flexco. The “Pivot and Tilt” action of the PTEZ is designed to respond and compensate immediately to belt misalignment using a tapered-end roller profile to engage the training action.


The PTEZ was installed approximately 60 feet from the tail pulley, and about 50 feet from another trainer at the tail pulley that was not capable of training the belt on its own. The maintenance team was amazed by the tracking ability of the PTEZ Belt Trainer. The belt now runs dead center, eliminating both the spillage and time spent cleaning up the spilled material.

Product Group

  • Belt Positioners, Trackers, and Trainers

Product Line

  • PTEZ™ Belt Trainer


  • Coal Fired Power Plants