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Novitool® Endless Splicing System Reduces Downtime Costs For Major Beverage Distributor

Endless Splicing System Reduces

Accumulating Value

$66,667 Per Downtime Event


Warehousing & Distribution


Novitool® Aero® 325 Splice Press 
Novitool® Pun MNDX Mobile Finger Punch 


A large beverage distributor on the East Coast recently expanded their facility to package one of the newest, most popular beverages in the U.S. With approximately 10 conveyors with 350 feet of narrow belts that drive live rollers, splice repair is common, and their current methods were eating into their bottom line. The rented belt punch and splice press they were using to splice these power transmission belts were not only taking more than an hour per splice; they were also challenging for even the more experienced operators to use.


Interested to see if there was a better option, the facility’s operations manager reached out to the local Flexco distributor, who told them to continue renting because Flexco was coming out with two products that would change the way belts that drive live rollers were prepared and spliced. Once the Novitool® Aero® 325 Splice Press and Novitool® Pun MNDX Mobile Finger Punch were available, the distributor brought a Flexco representative to the facility for a head-to-head competition between the rented equipment and the newest, innovative tools from Flexco. In the time it took to simply cook the belt on the rented equipment, the Flexco rep was able to pop the rollers, thread the belt through the conveyor, punch the fingers on the Pun M NDX, and complete the splice with the Aero 325 … with one minute to spare.


The punching and splicing process took 1/3 of the time for the Novitool equipment for two reasons – faster press times and ease of use. Once the maintenance team was given the go ahead, they found the Pun M NDX and Aero Splice Press to be simple to set-up and use, with much faster splice times. The more splices that were completed, the more the team continued to find time-savings in this dynamic belt prep and splicing duo. With the cost of downtime measuring approximately $100,000/hour for this facility, they estimate a cost savings of $66,667 per downtime event.

What Does Flexco Accumulating Value Mean?

When you see the Flexco Accumulating Value (FAV) icon, you can expect a Real-Life Result that represents the measurable, repeatable value added to an operation through its investment in a Flexco solution.

FAV results document the ongoing dollar value realized with implementation of Flexco products or services and details how that value helps operations achieve and maximize their productivity, efficiency, throughput, output, and uptime. 

Product Group

  • Endless Splicing Systems

Product Lines

  • Novitool® Aero® Splice Press
  • Novitool® Pun M™ Mobile Finger Punch


  • Warehousing and Distribution