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Novitool® Aero® Press Creates Sanitary Splices at Bakery

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Novitool® Aero® Splice Press


Make belt splice installation more sanitary

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The tanks and hoses needed for a water-cooled press can harbor bacteria, leaving the potential for unsanitary conditions at a bakery. The maintenance team at a bakery was looking for a process that would be cleaner, safer, and requires less time to sanitize equipment components.


After seeing a demonstration of the Aero® Portable Splice Press, the customer was sold on the sanitation benefits. The efficient air-cooling system of the Aero Press eliminates the need for water cooling. With fully integrated controls, air compressor, thermocouples, and air cooling fans designed into the actual press, there was no need for transporting numerous components and sourcing water.


The bacterial contamination potential of a water cooling system is eliminated. Additionally, the inboard air cooling system on the Aero Press simplifies the splicing procedure and reduces downtime. In addition to eliminating the need for water in the cooling process, this bakery was able to save over an hour of costly downtime with each splice installed. This savings came from the reduction in time to transport and set up the presses, and also the 10-minute splicing time with the Aero Press compared to the 45-minute splicing time with the water cooled presses they had been using.

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