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PT Smart Saves Cement Plant $250K

PT Smart Belt Trainer




Cement plant processing


PT Smart Belt Trainer


Fix a mistracking belt

Conveyor Detail

Belting: 42" x 3630', 800 P.I.W.
Belt Speed: 428 fpm
Typical Load: 1200 mth


The crew at an East Coast cement plant had been struggling with an ongoing, chronic problem on their 3000 ft. belt conveyor - mistracking. It was so prevalent that the belt had even cut through the structure, damaging the support legs of the conveyor frame. They were told time and time again that it was a problem with their belt.


The crew considered purchasing a new belt, which would have cost them approximately $250,000. However, they weren’t interested in waiting the 3-4 month lead time for the belt or dealing with the three-day downtime of putting a whole new belt on the conveyor. Instead, they asked representatives from their local distributor and Flexco to look at the system. It was determined that “cupping” was the issue with the belt and that installing trainers high enough onto the belt would flatten it and provide traction. The PT Smart Belt Trainer was chosen because of its success on medium-duty belts. A total of 14 trainers were installed.


The patented “pivot and tilt” design of the PT Smart immediately reacted and compensated for the belt mistracking, ensuring that the belt stayed away from the structure and the material stayed on the belt. After more than a year, the system was still going strong. The perfectly-good belt was retained, at a savings of $250K, and the crew was thrilled with the performance of the PT Smart.

Product Group

  • Belt Positioners, Trackers, and Trainers

Product Line

  • PT Smart™ Belt Trainer


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