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Pulp and Paper Spotlight: Decoding the Four Main Issues on Your Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Pulp and Paper

The Pulp and Paper Industry has long been a vital part of the world’s economy. And while some industries are seeing downturns during the COVID-19 pandemic, the pulp and paper industry saw demand increase as consumers turned to online shopping and the shipping of those goods.

We are also living in a time when single-use items are being promoted, so it’s helpful that corrugated boxes, paper bags, envelopes, and other recyclable paper products are more sustainable options for those looking to be more environmentally conscious.

The demand for paper is changing … and that’s a good thing!

The question is, “Is your operation maximized to be able to take on the growing demand for increased production of these products?”

If you feel your belt conveyor system is ready, great!

If you’re frequently assessing your belt conveyors and making sure that they are running smoothly, while performing proactive maintenance daily, then you are ready. There is a good chance that the carryback or spillage that could cause a shutdown from conveyor components seizing or start a fire and put your workers at risk, is not going to be a problem at your mill.

If you think your belt conveyor is ready, but you’re still curious as to how you could possibly be more productive, keep reading.

There are probably several different issues your mill faces every day that you consider “a cost of doing business.” Since it has always been that way, there are no solid solutions and it really isn’t affecting your productivity. You’re not alone.

But what if we told you there are four main issues that you may be overlooking that can be addressed, resulting in increased productivity, improved worker safety, and less downtime?   

There are. And we’re going to explain how dust, spillage, carryback, and mistracking can be tackled below.

Dust: Dust is inevitable with pulp and paper because of the materials being conveyed, but when it builds up on surfaces and floats into the air, it becomes a major fire and explosion risk. So maintenance teams are deployed to keep that dust away from heat sources and to keep it from sticking to your conveyor components and causing premature replacement of idlers or belts. But you don’t need to have a maintenance team dedicated to clean-up when you have the right tools for the job. You can read about how dust containment is possible at your mill here.

Spillage: When your belt and skirting aren’t compatible, spillage can be a very real problem for your operation. Whether it is hog fuel, wood chips, or dust, spillage is concerning because it gets in the way of routine maintenance and because it is flammable.The proper load zone products could make all the difference when it comes to keeping spillage at bay.

Carryback: Carryback is definitely one of those problems that people see as the cost of doing business, but have you actually thought about what carryback is costing you? Wasted material. Component build up and failure. Belt mistracking and wear. Slip and fall hazards. Fire and explosion potential. And while it’s common, it doesn’t have to be a daily problem for your operation. You can learn more about belt cleaners that can make a real difference in reducing carryback here.

Mistracking: Mistracking can be caused by everything from carryback to conveyor structure issues, but the effects of it are the same. It can result in materials spilling off the belt, cause damage to the conveyor belt and splices, and even cause damage to the structure itself. If you can’t find the source of mistracking yourself, a proper Belt Trainer will do the trick to keep your belt on track and avoid component damage and potential safety hazards.

If you feel your belt conveyor is not ready … we can help.

There is no better time than now to assess your mill and see if your equipment is ready for the task at hand, and Flexco is here to help. Can your conveyors keep up with the world’s demand for more paper products? Sign up for a free assessment from one of our Territory Managers and find out how we can help you maximize your productivity and prepare you for the future.

Authored by: Franklin Moore, Industry Manager

Moore identifies focus markets, researches chosen industries, and concentrates on the voice of the customer. He develops sales tools and programs to help our teams better understand the pain points present in each industry. Currently, Moore is focusing on Flexco solutions for the pulp and paper industry now and in the future. Moore holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University.

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December 03, 2020

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