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Flexco® BR6 Rivet Solid Plate Fastening System Now Offered in Everdur® for Grain Industry

EverdurFlexco recently announced the addition of Evedur® plates and rivets as a metal option for its BR6 Solid Plate Fastening System. The Flexco® BR6 Everdur Solid Plate Fastening System provides a complete splice for grain operations, utilizing Everdur plates and rivets for non-magnetic, spark-free splices.

“Everdur fasteners are made from a tough copper and silicone alloy, so they are spark-free when compared to steel, as well as non-magnetic and abrasion resistant,” said Flexco Product Manager Aaron Rosso. “Combine this with the rivet attachment design and you have the perfect fastener for long wear life in dusty grain operations.”

The staggered, multiple-point rivet attachment on the fastener allows rivets to pass between carcass fibers without severing them, for maximum resistance to pull-out and extended belt life for thin grain belts. The patented Scalloped Edge® provides for a lower fastener profile to extend belt splice life and reduce exposure to belt cleaner blades and other conveyor components.

The BR6 fasteners can handle tensions from 330 to 400 P.I.W. and conveyor systems with pulleys as small as 14 inches. The BR6 requires only six rivets per fastener and is ideal for applications where a sift-free splice is needed. It can also be used as a successful alternative to vulcanized applications and with straight warp belting.

Both manual and power installation are available for BR6 fasteners. For those wishing to install manually, the Aluminum MBRT tool features a light-weight aluminum structure and a high-strength cambered clamp bar. The scalloped edge on the tool allows the BR6 fasteners to nest securely on the bottom side of the belt.

For power installation, Flexco offers the Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver. The driver features a dual handle for balance and ergonomic gripping, a heavy-duty drive rod for high-quality splices, and pneumatic driving power for a robust installation. A single trigger pull per rivet saves time and reduces worker fatigue. Collated rivets with washers and a specially-designed steel guide block ensure that each trigger pull contributes to a consistent splice. This tool, when used in conjunction with the fasteners, speeds installation by up to 33 percent.

For more information on the BR6 Solid Plate Fastening System or any Flexco products, log on to www.flexco.com.

Published Date

March 20, 2018

Product Group

  • Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems