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Flexco Introduces MXP Extreme Duty Precleaner

MXP Extreme Duty PrecleanerFlexco recently released the newest cleaner in its line of belt conveyor products, the MXP Extreme Duty Precleaner. Available for use with belts ranging from 42” to 120” (1050 mm to 3000 mm) wide, pulley diameters 48” (1200 mm) and up, and belt speeds up to 2000 fpm (10 m/sec), the MXP is the largest, most rugged cleaner in the Flexco offering.

The new MXP is ideal for use in copper, coal, iron oil, and oil sands applications and is designed for easy installation. Designed with heavy-duty construction throughout, the MXP boasts an oversized 8” (200 mm) diameter center pole and 19-3/8” (490 mm) blade height, ensuring optimal cleaning on large pulleys and wide belts. 

“One of the big advantages to the MXP Extreme Duty Precleaner is that it is designed with a three-piece pole, making it easier to transport to the head pulley and install,” said Kevin Fales, product manager at Flexco. “Instead of trying to lift one large pole into place, the cleaner can be placed in sections and assembled on site.”

The MXP is available with 6” and 12” (150 mm and 300 mm) wide blade segments for varied material paths and easy replacement. 

The spring tensioner on the MXP makes the cleaner compatible with mechanical splices, allowing the blade to move away from the belt when a splice passes.

The MXP Extreme Duty Precleaner is a Mineline® - endorsed cleaner – designed and engineered to work – day in and day out – in some of the toughest applications in the world. For more information on the MXP and other Mineline-endorsed products, log on to www.flexco.com. 

Published Date

September 10, 2017

Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems