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Flexco Skiver Produces Quality Skives in Under 30 Seconds

Baler Belt SkiverFlexco recently unveiled a new, portable tool to hand-skive baler belts that skives a belt end in under 30 seconds. The new Baler Belt Skiver from Flexco is a safe and effective tool for easy skiving of baler belts either on site or in the belt shop.

“The new Baler Belt Skiver is perfect for quick, on-site fixes,” said Beth Miller, director of light-duty marketing at Flexco. “Simply square your belt, slip it into the skiver, and skive your belt in less than 30 seconds using a cordless drill.”

The new Baler Belt Skiver weighs less than two pounds and features a lightweight, aluminum body that can be operated with either an electric drill or ratchet. The skiver can be used on new or worn belts up to 7.5” in width, with an adjustable skive depth from .200” to .250” using shims.

“The tool includes a convenient storage location so the shims are available when you need them,” Miller added.  

The closed cover not only clamps the belt tightly to allow for a uniform skive, but it also completely encloses the blade during the skiving process, eliminating the chance of injury while skiving. 

Perfect for use with the Alligator® Rivet Fastening System, the baler belt skiver is also available with an optional bench mounting kit for belt shops applications.

For more information on the Baler Belt Skiver or any other light-duty products from Flexco, log onto www.flexco.com. 

Published Date

October 25, 2017

Product Group

  • Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems