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Spring Tensioner Accessories

Spring Cover

Flexco offers simple to install spring covers for each of our spring tensioner models, as well as a tensioner lock designed to prevent tampering or unauthorized retensioning of the cleaner.

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Spring Cover Selection Chart

EST-P 77387
EST-S 77387
EST-B 77388
QMT-P 77389
QMT-W 77390
QMT-G 77391
QMT-S 77391
PST-R 77391
PST-W 77390
PST-S 77390
SST-W 77392
SST-S 77392
SST-B 77393
SST-G 77392
UST-P 77387
UST-S 77387
UST-W 77390
CST-W 77741
CST-S 77741
CST-B 77741
CST-G 77741