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Novitool® Aero®325 for Live Roller Applications

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 Novitool® Aero® 325 Press Top Features

  • When paired with the Novitool® Pun M™ NDX Mobile Finger Punch, the preparation and splicing of the aramid cord belting and traditional thermoplastic belting used in live roller belt and transport tote application is done right Splice times as quick as 18 minutes from heat up to cool down
  • Wide variety of narrow belt templates designed specifically for belt-driven live roller conveyors and transport belts
  • The robust, integrated design is portable and safely protected in a convenient transport case
  • Exclusive to the line of Novitool® Aero® Splice Press— up to 99 recipes may be saved directly to the press
  • Utilizes Bluetooth® Technology to access and evaluate splice data and manage updates to firmware for ongoing press enhancements
  • Multiple Voltages available, including 110 volt, making splicing easy from virtually any spot on the line. Simply select the power cord or cords required for splicing in your facility, and the Aero® 325 will automatically accommodate the incoming voltage.
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